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Colonial details that make you fall in love with Antigua Guatemala

Mestizo knows that wealth has little to do with money. Mestizo has the flavor of 7 seas, a thousand valleys and volcano mud. It has something from everywhere. He knows how to feel, cry, laugh and has many questions, but many answers inhabit him.

He is curious and adventurous. It does not discriminate, it knows that everywhere there is something that unites us. Mestizo is a 25-year-old man and has a hungry soul that will take on the world.

This is the story of Mestizo when he entered the dusty room where things are kept in his grandfather's city. It was a room with a vaulted ceiling that I hadn't visited in a while. He found boxes full of old things and at the bottom the piece of furniture he remembered since he was a child. It was an old wooden piece of furniture, one of those that has cabinets on the bottom, drawers in the middle and some shelves on top, with little glass doors.


He opened it like someone looking for something, but deep down he knows it's just curiosity. He opened the drawers, saw stones of various colors, distinguished the obsidian that his grandfather found in the rivers, saw more than a hundred books, travel souvenirs and a couple of old and stained photos.

Mestizo knew that from that day on his life had changed. Not because he didn't know what he had, but because he knew what he should do for others.

Mestizo restored his grandfather's house, with pure love for that vault, so hidden and cared for on that street, in that neighborhood, in this city where time does not pass and miscegenation grows.

That fabulous city is Antigua Guatemala.

A city where there are more good conversations than good drunks. Rather, it seems like a city that is intoxicated by fusions, creativity and mixtures.

There are those who will say that this city is old, but the reality is very far from that, because Antigua smells of the future, of many cultures, that is, of human avant-garde and a true future.

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